Monday, July 31, 2006

well, this was a pretty good weekend for me spending-wise.
Here is my tally from Friday night to this morning, I'll highlight the things I maybe shouldn't have purchased in orange.

Gas for my car $30
Wine $31.50 (its my weakness, I enjoy it with dinner, I have decided not to give it up, but I did buy it in a box so I'm saving some money there!)
Wings & drinks with the boy & his Dad - $0 (his Dad treated us!!)

Groceries - $87.29 (yikes)
Really fun concert at the local Casino - Gary Sinise & the Lt. Dan Band!! - $0 (free tickets)

I spent nothing!!

I had to mail a letter $1.82
Starbucks $4.26 (I caved and got a latte)

So, that's only 2 questionable purchases, and 2 things for free, so I think I did pretty well.

I left my debit card at home again today, so I will not be able to make any more purchases, and since I caved at Starbucks this morning, I'll likely not be able to get coffee again this week. I also found an ad in the paper over the weekend for a place that helps you consolidate your debts onto your mortgage, so I am thinking of calling them to see what I can do, as I know my condo has gone up in value since I bought it 3 years ago.

Overall, I am feeling much better than I was on Friday, although, my bank balance is still in the overdraft, so that depresses me, but its usually negative, so its not something new!

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