Tuesday, July 18, 2006

a little wine will fix anything!

Thanks for the encouragement ladies, I'm having a much better day today, I went to the gym last night, and did a yoga class which helped immensely - the 2 glasses of red wine that I had when I got home also didn't hurt!! - and today I am starting the day with a positive outlook.

I purposely left my debit & credit cards at home today so that I can't use them at all, and my goal is to not buy ANYTHING for the rest of the week. I figure if I can get through the next 2 weeks with only $60 to my name, then I should be able to always do that, and maybe I'll be able to pay off my bills that much faster with all the money I'll be saving.

I also had a look through my cupboards last night and realized that I do have quite a bit of food there, so I'm going to use my creative culinary skills and see what I can do with tomato soup, pasta, granola bars and frozen chicken breasts. Should be interesting!! My goal is to only buy the essential groceries on the weekend like milk and some lettuce for salad.

I also had a quick look around my condo for things that I can sell on ebay and I think I've got a few things, so will gather them together and post them sometime next week. - my digital camera is broken and is currently being repaired (yay for warranties!!) so when I get it back, I will be able to post all of that stuff, and hopefully some fun pics to my blog as well.

I think that's it for me today, 'hb' is here today and looks hot as usual! Today, he's wearing a light blue & lime green polo shirt, untucked, with light vintage jeans and black shoes. He also rode his motorcycle today, so that upped the hotness factor, I swear its like a commercial when he walks in the door, takes off his helmet, unzips his jacket... I could go on, but I'm at work and it seems inappropriate, besides, its getting a little warm here at my desk!!

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