Monday, July 17, 2006


Well, I hate Mondays, and today is no exception, why do they have to be there to start out the week so badly?? This morning I was late getting up, so that threw off my whole morning schedule and then I was 15 minutes late getting in to work! And since Friday was payday, today is pay the bills day, I just spent $200 for the luxury of having hydro, gas, and water and then put another $200 on my line of credit, oh the joys of being an adult!

My weekend was pretty good though, the boy & I went downtown to the rib festival where we scored cheap ribs and $1 beers so that was a fun way to spend Saturday night, and then yesterday I spent most of the day lounging around my friend's pool in the sun, and then had dinner with the parents.

Saturday I totalled up my debts, oh what a sad number that is, how could I let this happen??

MasterCard - $156.27
VISA - $3,225.63
Line of Credit - $6,998.22
Overdraft on my bank account (which I go into every month) $500.00

TOTAL: $10,880.12

I almost cried when I saw it. I knew it was around that much, but until that giant ugly number is staring you in the face, you just don't believe it. I guess its not too bad, lots of people owe way more, but still, its scary.

On a happy note, today 'hb' is wearing a baby-blue t-shirt, dark jeans and sandles, mmmmm delicious!

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