Monday, July 24, 2006

so far so good

For once on a Monday, I am glad to be back at work. the weekend is a very difficult time to get through when you don't have any money. Friday night I went to see the boy, and we ended up having dinner and watching a movie at his place, there was drinking and sillyness and I gave him a pedicure! - without the polish of course.

Then Saturday - which was the hardest day not to spend money - we went downtown to get 2 birthday gifts for friends, and I had such a hard time not shopping for myself. But, I'm happy to report that other than my subway tokens ($5.50) and a birthday gift for a friend from Lush ($17.59), I spent nothing. The boy bought us drinks and lunch and I did a lot of window shopping, along with a lot of whining, foot stomping and sulking over things I 'just had to have' like these super cute yoga pants that I could get a lot of use out of, but made no other purchases - YAY!!! It felt sad at the time, but by the time I got home, I was completely ok with it. Saturday night we went to a b-day party for a good friend and had a blast, it was so much fun, and there was way too much drinking, but all in all a great time.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at home, I really wanted to go out, but I knew that if I left my house, I would spend money, so, instead I cleaned my entire condo, I even cleaned out my fridge and my oven, finished the book I was reading - The Undomestic Goddess - and then made dinner from what's left in my bare cupboards.

So, today, I'm glad to be back here where I am not tempted to spend. I did bring my debit card today, but will not use it and will leave it at home tomorrow.

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