Thursday, July 20, 2006

to wear or not to wear...

So today I have a fashion question for all of you fashionistas out there.
I work in an extremely casual office where flip flops, fashionably ripped jeans, short skirts and shorts are completely acceptable. However I am unsure about the tube top/tank top rules...

Today I am wearing this shirt ---------->
with jeans and flip flops, I have my hair down so it covers my shoulders and am wearing a cute white shell necklace.

Do you think that is appropriate??? I brought a cute yellow sweater to wear on top, but I can't decide if I need it or not. None of the other girls who work here are as fashiony as me, so they would never wear something like this at home/on the weekend, ever, so I have no one here to ask.

What do you think?????

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