Friday, July 14, 2006

how I got here, and where I'm going...

Wow, thanks for the great comments, I will totally check out your sites as well, and keep updated on your lives/debt etc. That's a great idea to set up a PayPal & a Debt tally. My debt is somewhere in the $10,000 range, although I'd have to add up each of my Credit Cards & Line of Credit to be sure - I'll do that over the weekend, and update you guys on Monday. In the interest of saving money, I don't have internet at home, so I can only get online while I'm at work.

How did I get here, well, I wish I could say that I had a good excuse like school, or an emergency, or some sort of fabulous trip or something, but unfortunately, its due to too many lattes at Starbucks, and my obsession with jeans, pink & sparkly things. I am a compulsive shopper, I shop when I'm happy, I shop when I'm sad, I shop when I'm bored, there's nothing that doesn't get me in the mood for a little retail therapy. I am also one of those people who sees something, and then has to have it. If I don't buy it right away, its all I can think about, it consumes me and the only way for me to stop thinking about it is to buy it. (I know what you're thinking, 'just stop thinking about it' but its not that easy, if it were, I wouldn't be here!)

So that's how I got here, the positive things about my life are, that I have a great job that I love, it pays just ok, I should be making more. And, I don't rent my condo, I have a mortgage, which I'm sure will be a good thing later on in life, but for now, it seems scarier to me that I am responsible to a giant bank every 2 weeks to keep a roof over my head, rather than just some regular person. Unfortunately, along with a mortgage come all of those other yucky bills like hydro, heat, insurance, taxes etc. so that eats up a lot of my money each month.

Anyways, that was a really long post, and I feel like I should stop now.

oh, updates, I almost forgot...
hb is not here today :-( very sad about that, so no updates on him or his outfit.
the boy called last night, and wants to spend time with me on the weekend. There's some sort of jump rope competition going on downtown, so we may go check that out for a bit, and then park ourselves on a patio somewhere and soak up the sun, its supposed to be really hot & sunny all weekend.

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