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Value of diamonds

Ladies Diamond Rings
Looking for a good, beautiful, yet affordable diamond ring, you have to wait a bit if you want to make a bargains, because, in this case, one must know the offer really good. Although the most expensive diamond rings, some thousands of dollars to be paid, but there are also cheap diamond rings, whose owner can be for only a few hundred dollars. However, some note should know when buying diamond rings and. That here you should serve as a guide, what should you consider everything from a diamond ring purchase. The diamond has always been a symbol for love, happiness and joy. Especially in special moments play an important role diamonds today. The hardest so far, the substance known to man, is just the diamond, with its brightness. He can not be scratched, except by other diamonds, and he is never dull ...

Value of diamonds

The value of a diamond is associated with its quality, and it all depends namely on four criteria: size, color, clarity and cut. Thus, for example, very small differences in color, from the eye not even be perceived to govern the price significantly. Thus we advise buyers to optimum compromise between price and quality and to find.

Precisely because of our rings with diamonds of excellent quality and good price / performance ratio are. The buyer has the opportunity to get the desired quality diamond and thus choose the price.

Size, color and purity

The diamond is rarer and more valuable the larger it is, so for jewelry all sizes are processed. Diamonds are not only in different sizes, but also in different colors. Most colorless white diamonds are valued. In general, the colorless diamonds are precious and valuable. The colors can be difficult to distinguish from the eye.

About the value of a diamond decides its purity. This is a measure of the size of inclusions and singular - the fewer inclusions are exhibited in the crystal structure, the higher its value. Very important for diamond jewelry is that the possible inclusions are not visible from the naked eye.

Ring material and making

When it comes to the material, in which the diamond is framed, then the best solutions are yellow and white gold. Namely, the material has a decisive influence on the overall visual effect that is achieved it. The best way to light the diamond comes with a version of Wei├čold. Therefore, not only our diamonds are licensed - our rings are made with only the purest gold of 18kt.

Furthermore, it is important that the "fingers" that the diamond keep even very narrow, so that the diamond is not masking is. On the other hand, it is also necessary that they are strong enough so that the gem does not fall out can recommend. Professionals , to check the versions on a regular basis, especially when it comes to precious stones. Therefore, our rings have an excellent processing. Nevertheless, when delivering each version and each ring again Driver controlled strictly

There are some rings may offer a ladies' and men's version, the only difference is that the ladies rings are processed and made something finer, with Mr. rings are slightly wider, and therefore heavier. In both cases, but the diamond is the same.

diamonds for your ring.

Diamonds are extremely beautiful gems on top of all the precious stones. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings, Decades ago they were top class and only rich people in possession of because diamond engagement ring were not affordable by ordinary people. For many centuries they have love, commitment and performance symbolizes. Therefore, studded with precious stones of engagement rings, the first choice for the modern couple who always engaged. But it is not very easy to find high quality diamond engagement rings products of their choice at reasonable prices.

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings

If you decide to buy colored diamond engagement rings, there are many jewelry online companies, through which you can buy this gem of. The reliable companies offering fine diamond jewelry at affordable prices.The diamond store offer a wide range of Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement rings at attractive prices. Customers can select their choice of decorating wide varieties that are abundant with the vendors. So, if you want the best  Makeityourring diamond engagement rings for your loved ones, you get it from reliable suppliers and dealers. Let the brilliant cut diamond engagement rings add more value to your love and commitment.

If you are always engaged in these difficult times, you may also need a few tips that will help you get the most out of your shrinking budgets.Every girl wants her engagement ring to large, bright and brilliant. In short, expensive! But there are some clever ways in which you can your beloved big, bright and brilliant - on a budget. Here is how. A clever setting, the Diamond appear larger and more expensive. One of the best settings that you can choose the bezel setting, especially in white gold. In this setting, a rim of white gold surrounds the stone. Since the white gold enhances the brilliance of diamonds, the result is a brilliant, breathtaking views. Diamond engagement rings in the bezel setting are very popular and easily accessible, so that the search for the perfect ring that much easier!

Another setting to see Makeityourring diamond engagement rings can be very expensive is the Pave setting. In this setting, small diamonds are inserted into small holes in the body of the ring in an ongoing series. The surrounding metal made to look like small pearls to keep the diamonds safe. There are several advantages. First, the diamond ring makes the series more glitter. Since these diamonds are small, they cost less than a single large diamond. Secondly, the surrounding beads to add to the brilliance of the diamond and the dimensions of the diamond are not immediately apparent.Some jewelers want the illusion setting recommended for people who dazzling engagement rings on a budget. The success of this attitude lies in the mirror plate, on which the assembly takes place. The mirror reflects the light, so that diamond look bigger and brighter. But, there is a drawback to this setting. Such diamond engagement rings difficult to repair, and if the fact that these rings are in the course of a lifetime to see maintained, the investment is not worthwhile in the long run.

Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings 
A large part of the perception of size depends on the shape of the diamond. Traditionally, people prefer round diamonds. But fancy shape diamonds appear larger than round diamonds. Elongated shapes like marquise, pear, oval, make the rock look bigger than it actually is.One of the best ways to save money is to custom design your engagement ring. You can buy loose diamonds and have placed them in an environment of your own design. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings - Customized versions also have an advantage because they are unique, and they speak volumes about the depth of your affection.Go to a good number of people to brick and mortar stores when shopping for diamond engagement rings. But watch such transactions on their high overhead costs to the customer. You spend money on space, customer service and security systems. A small amount is made possible by the customers who shop there divided. That's why you get a good discount when you shop online. Online jewelers may be able to offer you a generous discount of up to 30% or more. 
This form seems square from above. For all a form of  diamond engagement rings.
          1. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings: This form is a combination of the Emerald (a large flat facet) and the Princess. Almost a square diamond, but certainly not round or oval stone. 
          2. Marquise diamond engagement rings: Almost a round stone, but not oval.
          3. Emerald diamond engagement rings: A kind of square shape with tiered, large flat top.
          4. Radiant cut diamond engagement rings: About the same shape as the Emerald, but the corners have been edited.
          5. Cushion diamond engagement rings: A cushion shape with rounded edges and large facets.
          6. Pear diamond engagement rings: The pear-shaped diamond drop leaves like a long finger and look thinner
          7. Oval diamond engagement rings: The oval shape allows (like the Marquise and Pear) a finger seem longer. Oval looks around.
          8. Heart Shaped diamond engagement rings: The shape of love is of course a heart. Engagement rings with heart-shaped diamond is a great start to a wonderful  Makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

          Tips on buying a jewelry

          Tips on buying a diamond ring
          Whether you're looking for information about buying a diamond ring as you would like a wedding or because you have some other reason. You can find detailed information and tips on buying a diamond ring. Besides background information you will also get specific tips to keep in mind if you go to buy a diamond ring.

          1. Diamond
          Diamond is one of the hardest materials and the crystals grow too deep underground. As a result of volcanic eruptions, the diamonds to the surface of the earth and brought from there in mines and rivers. Diamond stone cold feeling basically because they function as a heat conductor.

          2. Price of the diamond
          To be able to determine the price of a diamond showdown, the weight of the diamond. A large diamond with the same weight as a number of smaller diamonds is actually worth. Because the weight of the single diamond determines. Colored diamonds may be more costly than white diamonds. Blue, pink and red diamonds are extremely rare.

          3. Tip buy diamond ring

          You would be wise to go and buy your diamond ring with a diamond. The diamond is because knowledge and proper information you can because the diamond has undergone training in the field of gems.

          4. Certificate
          When buying a diamond ring at least a half carat will receive a certificate with the diamond. The certificate contains information about the weight, color, finish and impurities.

          4. Diamond Ring Buying
          You could go to a jeweler and a diamond ring out there to choose, but then it is advisable to visit several jewelers, so you can make a comparison in price and model.

          5. Diamond ring designs
          If you are planning to buy a diamond ring then you might consider a diamond ring to design specifically for you The advantage is that the diamond ring to suit your needs can be designed. Additionally, you have a unique diamond ring that nobody else carries. Important if you are a diamond ring designs or designs that have good click between you and the designer and that you feel and understand each other.

          6. Internet
          Before buying a diamond ring, you can search the Web for diamond. Often there are personal experiences of other diamond ring bearers appear, where you can join your advantage.

          It is essential to choose the right stone for a ring. Therefore starting with the type of diamond you're looking for, we'll then show a list of available diamonds. So you can always refine your choice.

          buy makeityourring wedding ring

          One that will be prepared by the prospective bride before the marriage is to choose a wedding ring. To facilitate the "task" you, some tips for choosing a wedding ring you can get here.

           First, when going to buy a wedding ring, remember that the shape of your fingers will give a great impact. The basic rule of buying a wedding ring on the ring together with the rules in general: width adds width, length adds length. Ring with a small width will look "lost" in a bony finger width. If you like the ring width, but you have big fingers, choose one that has rounded edges that give the lightest pressure on the skin of your fingers. The ring is more flat (flat) would be better on the small finger. For slender finger, wedding ring with a diagonal design will give a better impression of width.

          Second, consider the ring current is also high  choice. Ring with diamond set raises a larger appearance and should be selected according to the shape and size of the hand. An open design that gives the impression of light and flat on your fingers wide. Due to the large stone also looks good on a big finger, a ring with diamond set will provide a satisfactory appearance. Its fingers are small and sleek it would be nice with a ring decorated with a few rocks, a series of small stones in pairs on the ring.

           Third, like perfume that uses the body's chemical reactions, your wedding ring will take a character from your fingers. Finger is your ring shelf space. So find the wedding rings that fit the shape of your fingers so that he could be pinned to the beautiful as a symbol of eternal love you and he.

          L'amour en gris.

          Photos: Les Amis Photography
          Sweet and stylish Erika wore a customized (oyster grey!) version of my Honeychurch gown. The dashing couple married at Benachi House & Gardens in New Orleans. Quelle belle dame.


          I've been hearing such great things about Neet Magazine, so I was thrilled to be included in Jen McCabe's roundup of independent designers.


          Diamond wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of love. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings,  If you have a nice ring to the women that you love and care for this, it means that you want to spend your rest of life with her. There are many different styles, settings, cuts and  engagement rings design that you can choose from wholesale engagement rings according to the preferences of your partner and your budget.

          Engagement rings are worn and displayed bmakeityourring diamond engagement ringsefore the marriage for life. They are based worn on the third finger of his left hand and it is believed that the vein of this finger directly to the heart. You can also wear your wedding ring on the same finger as an engagement ring or rings, the two together to have a ring welded to form your wedding. It is a very valuable piece of jewelry, so you must be very careful when purchasing.

          Choose a bridal diamond engagement rings
          If you buy when choosing your diamond rings and wedding rings, you can preset when you have time, then you can design your own rings. The style of makeityourring diamond engagement rings should be decided by you and your significant because both of you are wearing the ring every day. There are varieties of precious metals from which you can choose to use in your engagement ring on your budget.

          The most important thing that you consider before buying your gemstone rings must be 4C, which includes cut, color, carat and clarity. All these four factors determine the value of the diamonds, but the cut is the most important factor.

          The cut of a diamond can only determine its appearance. If you select the diamond ring of brilliant cut, then it will appear larger as compared to other stones of the same carat. The cut gives the diamond its brilliance, sparkle and shine. There are many cuts in rings like the heart, pearl, square, radiant, marquise and round. But round cut are very popular in platinum or yellow gold.

          You can get  bridal rings in jewelry stores with many options, but if you save your money, buy online shops interesting then you can find cheap engagement rings prices. Engagement rings Online stores offer great deals on rings, whether it diamonds or loose attitude with your purchase. Preset rings are available at reasonable prices as compared to local stores. And the best part is that, if you will  buy ring online,  you need not deal with aggressive salesman. And you will be guaranteed by the quality of the ring for makeityourring diamond engagement rings.

          engagement day

          Makeityourring diamond engagement rings - Any couple planninga engagement wants and give diamond rings to have the best start inyour new life together ... And when planning a engagement date is thefirst thing to be established! There are many factors that caninfluence our decision to choose the big day, such as time to makepreparations, locations available, the budget you have to live within,favorite season, and so on. Depending, however, can result in severalpossible dates, apparently all equally good. But how can you determinewhich is the best day for your engagement and give her gemstone ring ?Numerology can help us take the final decision.

          As the day we are born guideline trace our way of life, on engagement and makeityourring diamond engagement ringswill influence the evolution of relations with partners. Of course giveengagement wedding rings for a harmonious and happy engagement dependsprimarily relational potential of each of the two partners and thecompatibility between them. But the important engagement day takesplace is not insignificant, because it officially marks what could becalled "birthday" of the couple for giving jewelry rings.
          • Makeityourring Diamond Engagement Rings
          makeityourring diamond engagement rings
          Findinga good date for engagement day for giving special engagement rings canbe quite complicated, because the calculations must be performed foreach day separately, taking into account both the groom's data, as wellas those of the bride. The calculator below will help simplify thistask a bit, giving us a quick reference for a period of one week, usingdate of birth bride and groom.

          Numerological calendar based onbirth date contains three numbers for your engagement day. The mostimportant, and which has the greatest influence on any datefor yourengagement day and makeityourring diamond engagement rings ,is the year of Staff. The second number, the order and that meaning isPersonal Month. And finally, the third number, with the smallestinfluence is Personal Day. But as they say, are the small details makethe difference, such as Personal Day is not negligible when we set theengagement date and give her promise rings.
          • Give Diamond Engagement Rings on Your Engagement Day
          Manymodern couples find that choosing a good day for engaged for givingwedding ring sets is a mess too much and choose to reject this asoutdated tradition. In terms of Feng Shui, however, the importance ofchoosing a suitable day for engagements and give her antique engagement rings can not be emphasized enough! In Feng Shui, all your chances thatpeople depend on feng shui parents until the day you engaged.

          Thereforehappen to certain people hear that luck can change dramatically afterthey put noose! Some become very rich after they engaged, even if theirparents are not rich. Others are very happy after engagement, even ifthey had unhappy childhoods. Giver her  unique engagement rings - Theflip side is that after makeityourring diamond engagement ringsthey engagement, some people lost everything they had. So when youengaged, it is desirable to increase the most favorable aspect of theday, and the best start is to make sure that the date chosen is fast!

          Merrily Merrily Life is but a Dream...

          Happy New Year to all of our dear readers out there! We're excited and looking forward to 2012 and a whole new group of unique and beautiful weddings that are on the horizon that we can't wait to share! In the meantime, we'd thought we'd take the opportunity to look back at some of our favorite weddings that still hold a tender place in our hearts from 2011. We're pulling this one from the Archives and it seems only appropriate that this lovely wedding should lead the way. Just a year ago we were ringing in the New Year with this sweet couple on their wedding day and helping them to celebrate in the most endearing of ways. Remember this Inspiration board? Here is how we brought it to life!

          Some of my favorite images are always those when the bride and groom is greeted by their family after they come out of the Temple.

          When a bride comes to us and describes her style as Anthropologie we always know we’re going to hit it off! That’s exactly how the beginning of our three month planning started with Brittany. Brittany + Scott came to us with their venue already selected...The Admiral Kidd Club Military base in San Diego and a perfect backdrop for Brittany and Scott's nautical themed New Year's wedding. The guiding and grounding influences of the people in their lives were our inspiration behind their concept, as we played with anchors and lanterns and their underlying meaning, woven with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern touches. $3C/div>

          We loved Brittany's gorgeous seaside bouquet created by Twigg botanicals made up of garden roses, anemones, dusty miller and wrapped in creamy burlap.

          I love that Brittany and Scott found time for a sail around the bay together before their reception. What could be better than a little alone time to soak in your first moments as husband and wife? Iris and Light of course was there to capture all of the dreamy moments on film.

          As soon as guests arrived to the reception location they were greeted by Brittany + Scott circling the bay in a sailboat. Once they disembarked, the party was ready to get under way.

          Brightly Designed crafted all of the gorgeous paper elements for the nautical-inspired day. Combining elements that we found such as thick rope, anchors and lanterns with little sailboat flags and Twigg's gorgeous flowers, we completed the seaside tablescape. A sign directed guests to "let the wind guide them to their seats" as they found their names among boats filled with babies breath and anemones.

          We loved the gobo image that we had created to project on to their dance floor!

          Once inside, tables were decorated in aqua blue linens to resemble the ocean and accented with sherbet orange napkins and wicker chargers. We loved this color combination! The sherbet really updated the typical nautical colors and made it fresh and modern. Table numbers were leafed in copper and overlapped the beautiful anchors and floral design- the perfect accent to the aqua and orange pairing.

          Guests were greeted with adorable hand written thank you notes by the couple. We worked closely with Courtney from Brightly Designed to create the fun signage throughout their wedding and custom designed letters with the front reading “You have always been a guiding light or an anchor in our lives”. It was such a sweet and big undertaking on the part of Brittany + Scott to hand write each letter but it did not go unnoticed! Guests seemed to really enjoy the thoughtful personal touch that they found when they arrived to their tables.

          The beautiful and delicious cake was made by Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.

          We appropriately named the head table " The Crew" and this was such a fun group!

          Since Brittany’s favorite treat is ice cream, how could we resist the addition of a sundae bar? C’mon that’s our favorite treat too! Maggie Moo’s supplied the most delicious ice creams and gourmet toppings. We couldn’t help ourselves either from creating some funny names for the flavors, such as Sco Co’s (Scott Colton) Dark Coco, Britt’s Brownie Batter, and Anchors Aweigh Mango Sorbet to name a few! In addition, we had little flags made that read "merrily, merrily" and "life is but ice cream" to play on our motto for the day.

          One of the most touching aspects of the evening was the Guiding Light table that was created in honor of Brittany’s father, who was a Captain in the Navy and passed away from Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer. He had been a hero to her in more ways than one and it was clear that they had a very special relationship. While we knew that this day was about Brittany and Scott, we also knew that in the large scope of things it was also about family and we wanted to make sure that his memory was included as well. Mixed among all different lanterns were pictures of Brittany’s father throughout the years as well as quotes. It was another great way to feel his presence at the wedding.

          The happy couple was sent off in true New Years fashion as guests were given bells to ring as the two departed.

          Brittany and Scott we have loved looking back on your wedding day and all the little touches that made it so uniquely yours. The day truly was "but a dream" and we were so grateful to be a part of it. We know you have sailed into marital bliss and wish you all the best as you continue your voyage together! Many thanks to Iris and Light for all of the beautiful photography.