Wednesday, August 23, 2006

tough decisions...

My boss - not HB, but the other one - was complaining today about a very tough decision that he has to make, the lease is up on his car and he can't decide whether to trade it in for a BMW, or an Audi, he's spent the entire morning obsessing over his choice and asking everyone in the office what they think. It must be nice when this is your hardest decision. Here is a bit of our recent conversation.

Boss - 'I'm just not sure, the Audi has all-wheel drive which will be great when we go away skiing in the winter, but I just like the BMW more, Katie what do you think?'

KQ - 'Well, I'm not sure, that's a tough call, are you going to do a lot of skiing this year?'

Boss - 'Yes, we bought a chalet on the mountain, so we'll likely drive up there every weekend'

KQ - (as I sit here sipping my crappy office coffee because its free, wishing I had a ski chalet) 'Well then maybe the Audi is the better choice'

Boss - 'I think it is, but I like look of the BMW more. Its just so hard, I don't know what to do, what do you do when you have to make such a tough decision?'

KQ - 'Well, I really don't know, my toughest decision this month was whether to buy groceries, or to pay my phone bill, but your choice is obviously much more difficult than that'

Boss - 'hmmm... maybe I'll call my wife and ask her what she thinks'

Oh my god, kill me now!!!

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