Tuesday, August 8, 2006

tired, tanned and still broke...

Well, my weekend was really fun, my new BFF didn't end up coming which was great for me as I didn't have to feel like I was entertaining someone all weekend. It ended up being me, my sister, the boy and his friend (who I adore). There was a lot of tanning, a lot of drinking and a general good time had by all.

The town we were camping near was having their annual festival over the weekend and they were 'lucky enough' (as all their signage said) to have Amanda Marshall playing there on Saturday night. We were across the river from the actual town, but could hear the festivities, and after a few too many drinks we all thought it was hilarious that the concert in the town square that cost everyone in the town $35 each was free to us! At one point around midnight, the boy was standing at the edge fo the water screaming "I LOVE YOU AMANDA MARSHALL" and then "AMANDA, DO YOU LOVE ME??... AMANDA... AMANDA MARSHALL... CAN YOU HEAR MEEEEE??" Oh my god I was laughing so hard, I hope she couldn't hear him because it was more than slightly embarrassing!

We got home around 10:00 last night, so I am extremely overtired today, and have to have dinner tonight with the parents and my sister, so it will be a long day. I'm doing great on the spending, I only spent about $100 total over the weekend for food, alcohol and gas money so that was good, today I have to pay a few bills which I'm not looking forward to, I will update a proper spending post when I have all the amounts figured out.

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