Friday, August 18, 2006

happy & sad...

well, I called my bank yesterday and talked to the nicest man (I love you Al, whoever you are!!) who was able to get all the information needed for me to apply to refinance my mortgage. Because I did it through my actual bank, there are no fees or penalties, and they will blend my interest rates so my rate may actually go down a little. I'll end up paying around $75 a month more on my mortgage, but that will be the only loan that I have, so all my CC's and my LOC will be paid off. He's going to send me the paperwork today and it should be all completed in the first week of September.

I'm happy and sad. Happy that I will be able to actually start a savings account now that I have reduced my monthly bills by almost $300, but sad that I let it get this far and that at 26, I have now owned 2 houses and refinanced a mortgage, I'm sure I have just become some sort of obscure statistic!

This weekend I'm going bridal shopping for the wedding I'm in next summer. I hope that will be fun and not stressful, the crappy part is that I have to drive nearly 7 hours each way to do it as the girl getting married lives in Ottawa. Oh well, these are the things you do for your friends.

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