Monday, August 21, 2006

the dress...

This is the dress I will be wearing next summer at the wedding that I am in, I'm ok with it, it was the best of the options, in my opinion, its a little too shiny for a beach wedding, but I'm not the bride!

My weekend was pretty good, not a lot to report, I didn't really spend anything other than the gas to get to Ottawa, so that was good, I'm in the process of working on my budget and figuring out how to get my money situation all figured out, so I will report on that when I get it all figured out.

Its been a while since I've given a HB update, today he's wearing a longsleeved white shirt, light jeans and sandles, Friday afternoon we were the only ones here, and we ended up having an hour long discussion about our lives, which was very interesting, as I learned some things about him that I didn't know. If only I didn't love the boy so much, HB & I could run off & live happily ever after!!!

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