Tuesday, August 15, 2006

did you miss me??

wow, this week's been crazy and it has barely started!! I was so busy at work yesterday I barely even had time for lunch. I'm feeling very out of touch, I've had no time to read anyone's blog, no time to catch up on the gossip from People Magazine, I've done no email chatting with my friends! I've actually been super productive at work which I guess is good, but I really miss my work related social life!!

I did really well on the spending over the weekend, since I had no money, I spent almost nothing! Here's how I spent my time.

Friday - went to see The Devil Wears Prada with my Mom, she paid for the movie & popcorn!!

Saturday - cleaned the condo, put gas in the car ($10.00), went to the store for very minimal groceries, milk, bread, chicken breasts, cheese, lettuce ($18.62) then had some friends over went out to dinner (the boy paid) and went to the drive in (the boy paid again)

Sunday - Lazed around, did laundry, then went to the boy's Dad's place for dinner

Monday - went to work, worked like a crazy, then had a girlfriend over for dinner, I made alfredo chicken pasta (all from things I already had), and provided the wine, she brought caesar salad, garlic bread & blueberry cheesecake yum!!!

I think overall that was a very good non-spending weekend! I get paid today, thank god!! And I'm hoping to get myself out of the overdraft this time, we'll see how I do.

Still thinking about the tattoo, my sister said that if I get the one I posted below, it will have to be pretty big or else they won't be able to do the detail, and I really want it on my foot/toe, so I'm not sure now, maybe I'll just get the little yoga person, and not the word.

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