Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Extracurricular Activities"

Check out this shit from the local news:

A former area cheerleading coach has been charged with taking indecent liberties with a minor. Tammie Fleming, 37, was arrested last Wednesday.
Powhatan authorities say she worked at Dominion Cheer and Tumble on Sommerville Court in Midlothian as a cheerleading coach when she had an intimate relationship with a 17-year old student. Authorities say the relationship between Fleming and the boy had been ongoing for several months. A parent told us the gym owners weren't ready to talk and wanted to first consult an attorney. Fleming is free on bond after an appearance in Powhatan Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court last week. She'll be back before a judge next month.

I love stories like this. A 17-year-old punk, scoring with a hot 37-year-old CHEERLEADING COACH! Sounds like there was some "cheering and tumbling" going on in the back room after class, if you know what I'm saying!! But really, what did poor Tammie do that was so wrong? Give some pimply faced dork the greatest sex of his adolescent - probably his ENTIRE - life??! What, you don't believe me?? Take a look at this MILF!!!

Are you fucking KIDDING ME?? That's the hottest mug shot I have ever seen in my life, and that's coming from a guy who has seen a lot of mug shots. Even posed for a few. If I were that kid, I'd give her something to cheer about! I'd shake her pompoms and make her do the splits!!

Seriously, who is the victim here? Do you honestly think that 17-year-old is traumatized by this? Do you think he's laying in bed curled up in the fetal position, sucking his thumb and crying his eyes out?? HELL NO! This guy is a goddamn HERO!!! And smart too...geez, he's a GENIUS!!! Do you honestly think he was interested in taking CHEERLEADING LESSONS??! BULLSHIT!!!!! This guy was a man with a score HOT, SWEATY SEX and perhaps learn a thing or two from a woman with some fucking EXPERIENCE IN THE SACK!!! He'll be telling his grandchildren stories about this. Hell, if it were me, I'd be telling EVERYBODY about it!!! Here, look at her picture again:

Where the fuck do these hot bitches come from??! When I was in school, all my teachers were FAT, UGLY, and OLD. And the only female gym teacher I had was a RAGING BULL DYKE. One more time:

Good God almighty, I would bang this chick until my dick fell off! Then I'd reattach it with some duct tape and bang her some more!!! What do you think they did exactly? I bet she likes it rough. I'm guessing she tied him up, then put on some dance music and performed for him in her old high school cheerleader outfit. Or maybe he put on a dog collar and ate whipped cream off her POON. The world may never know.

I don't know how she got busted, but I'd bet Ms. Babble's children the boy didn't turn her in. More likely he made copies of their sex tape for all of his new friends, and one of them uploaded it to YouSplooge. Regardless, if there is ANY JUSTICE IN THIS WORLD, this woman will get off. (Actually, "getting off" is what got her in trouble to begin with. HA HA.) If anyone should be charged, it should be the DUMBASS HUSBAND for not keeping his trophy wife sexually satisfied. Rest assured if Tammie was my wife, she'd never leave the bed!!!

Of course if she does end up doing time for this, I will be there to pay her conjugal visits...FIVE TIMES A DAY. And if she needs a place to stay, Mighty Dyckerson's Halfway Whorehouse will be open for business!! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to bake a cake with a file in it...

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