Monday, October 22, 2007


ATTENTION ALL MIGHTY BLOG AFFILIATES: Some of you may have been experiencing difficulty viewing the wonderful graphic elements that make up The Mighty Blog. After conducting an exhaustive investigation, I have determined the culprit: Comcast online storage. This is where I keep The Mighty Blog's image files, and apparently the geniuses at Comcast recently made a change that rendered the images invisible to users of Internets Explorer. Therefore I have moved all of The Mighty Blog graphics to an alternate online storage service. This includes The Mighty Blog mascot, The Mighty Blog banner, The Mighty Blog flashing light matrix, The Mighty Blog sidebar headers, and last but not least, The Mighty Blog Seal Of Affiliation.

Many of you have the official Seal Of Affiliation prominently displayed on your blogs. If you have your own copies of the Seal Of Affiliation, then you're fine. However, if you are hot linking to my old storage site on Comcast, you will need to update your code to point to the new site located here, on Botophucket. You have 48 hours to comply with this directive, or your affiliate status may be subject to immediate suspension or revocation.

And now, a final word to the folks at Comcrap. This ordeal has caused me a great deal of emotional stress and anxiety. As such, I feel I should be compensated. You will be hearing from my attorneys in short order. And a word of warning: They're Jewish. I suggest you accept the settlement they are proposing. That is all.

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