Tuesday, October 10, 2006

13 things you'll never hear me say...

1. 'Oh, no wine for me thanks, I'm not a big drinker'.

2. 'I'm bored, I think I'll go spend an hour at the gym'.

3. 'Early retirement, no thanks, I'm going to work until the day they throw me out of here'.

4. 'Hi, I'm Katie-Q, you must be my new neighbour'.

5. 'That's ok, its not a big deal if I miss an episode of Grey's Anatomy/ANTM/Project Runway/Big Brother/Rockstar'.

6. 'Its ok if it isn't exactly what I asked for, its the thought that counts'.

7. 'Everything doesn't have to be coordinated to look good'

8. 'I love camping'.

9. 'I think this size 2 is too big for me, maybe I should try the 0'.

10. 'I didn't hear that about (insert celebrity scandal), I never follow Hollywood gossip'.

11. 'No thanks, I'm full'.

12. 'Maybe a girl can have too many handbags'.

13. 'Wow, I'm having the best hair day ever!'.

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