Friday, September 1, 2006

step away from the light...

Forgive me bloggers, for I have sinned.

Last night, I had an overwhelming urge to shop, so I went to the mall (which has just been renovated and is absolutely beautiful) and, being a responsible shopaholic, did a lot of looking around, trying on, but not purchasing, then I bought a birthday gift for my niece ($28.74), its the cutest little brown dress with a little tie polka dot belt and a striped undershirt to go with it from H&M, very appropriate for her, she's 1.

Then I did some more wandering and window shopping and was starting to feel very good about myself and my ability to walk the mall without purchasing. And then, from across the hall, there it was, I had one of those movie moments, where its all shiny and music is playing, and you are just completely drawn towards something and you have no control.

That was me. It was ridiculous. I. Had. No. Control. I purchased.

A beautiful chocolate brown, down filled puffy winter coat. Its short and has the cutest pockets on the front, and a super fluffy fur lined hood. I LOVE it. (I tried to find a picture online, but its not on the website) It was $148.19

I am a bad bad bad girl. I only slightly regret it, because as I said, I LOVE it. But, the boy is going to be really upset with me.

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