Thursday, September 28, 2006

deep thoughts...

So last night I'm in yoga class being all zen and fabulous, doing my poses perfectly, silently congratulating myself the entire time on my amazing yoga skills. I'm in the front row because I like to have no one between me and the instructor, I'm wearing my cutest outfit, black pants with a pink stripe and matching pink top, my toes have a perfect french manicure, my hair is fabulous, everything is perfect.

Towards the end of the class, this thought comes into my mind... 'what am I going to wear tomorrow' and I start to feel very concerned because all of the outfits I start thinking about are either dirty, or I've worn them recently. So I'm mentally flippling through my closet and I'm finding nothing suitable for my day which includes going to work, antique shopping and then dinner with a friend. Nothing I can think of suits all 3 purposes. At this point I've pretty much stopped paying attention to the instructor, I'm following along, but I'm really not listening, I'm just copying her and busily planning my outfit. She has us do Warrior 1 pose and then we are to slowly move into Warrior 3.

Well, I do my Warrior 1, then I move to Warrior 3, but as I do, I'm starting to really get a good outfit put together in my mind, I'm completely lost in thought deciding which accessories I will wear with the outfit when...

CRASH! - yup, I fall, and not a graceful stumble which people sometimes do in yoga class, no, a full on fall to the ground, a fall so disruptive that everyone stops what they're doing and turns to look at me, the teacher even stops for a second to ask me if I'm ok, which I am, although my ego is now severely bruised.

How embarrasing, and to top it all off, the outfit I had been planning, the one that caused the crash, the top is dirty, I wore it on Saturday. So now today I'm wearing something that I'm not happy with and I'm feeling that I may never be able to go to that yoga class again.

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