Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Wow, my first time, I'm a tagging virgin, and to have my first time to be a royal event wow, I feel so special!!

I am supposed to make a list of 5 things I have done in my life and you have to guess which one is a lie, I'm not a very exciting person, so this list will definitely not be as fabulous as Cat's, but I'll do my best. Vote below in the comments, and I'll post the answer on Friday.

1 - I once worked at a Miss Universe pageant, which was hosted by Alan Thicke - you all rememer Mr. Seaver! and spent most of the time backstage with a can of hairspray spraying the asses of the contestants so that their bathing suits wouldn't ride up while they were doing their walk across the stage.

2 - I've been dating the same guy for almost 12 years

3 - At a previous job, 2 of my co-workers and I would regularly go for a 'liquid lunch break', where we would enjoy not one but 2 giant (4oz) margaritas and then go back to work for the rest of the afternoon way too drunk to be doing our jobs!

4 - I have never smoked a cigarette

5 - I am a trained lifeguard and swimming instructor and scuba diver and have competed in national competitions against other lifeguarding teams to showcase my amazing skills at pulling lifeless bodies out of the water.

I now tag Karina, Jagular, Sheila and TTQ, come on and lie to me!!

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