Friday, November 3, 2006

my lie revealed...

Well, I know I've kept you under suspense, but I will now reveal my lie.

There were some pretty varied guesses and I'm quite surprised that no one guessed #1 - it is completely true, but was so unbelievable to me while it was happening, that if I hadn't been there, I would never have believed it myself.

#2 is also completely true, 'the boy' and I met at the beginning of 10th grade, when we were 15, and have been dating ever since.

#3 - completely true, it was almost a once a week occurance, our jobs were so awful, it was the only way we could make it through!

#4 - also true, when I was in high school, my best friend at the time was a smoker, and she told me that she tried smoking and didn't like it, but also couldn't stop. I knew I didn't want to be a 'smoker', so I was too afraid to ever try it in case the same thing happened to me, and to this day, I have never tried it.

#5 - this is the lie - congratulations Karina, you're the only one to guess the right answer! It is partly true, I was a lifeguard and swimming instructor, however, I don't know how to scuba dive, and although there are national competitions held to showcase those skills, I have never attended them.

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