Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Spitzer Hit The Fan

What's the deal with this guy? I mean now stupid can he be? Has he totally lost his motherfucking mind?? Five thousand bucks for THIS??!!

OK, she's kinda good looking. All oiled up and what not. Nice rack. But friends, this is NOT four-digit poon. Not even close. For that kind of money, this chick better be shitting GOLD DOUBLOONS out of her ASS. And something tells me that ain't happening.

In fact, I can't think of ANY circumstances under which a non-celebrity prostitute could command that kind of price. I mean, obviously there's a big difference between a $20 whore and a $200 prostitute. Factors include looks, experience, skill, cleanliness, and level of service.

Look, I'm no financial wizard, but I took Econ 101 in college. At a certain point, the LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS must be considered here - i.e., what can a $5,000 lady of the evening do for you that a $200 call girl can't??! Can she fix my car? Will she give me stock tips??! Sorry, I just can't see much added value.

So do you want a man who blows FIVE GRAND on sex to be handling your state budget?? Before you know it, he'd be THROWING AWAY MONEY on USELESS SHIT like educatinn and public safety. And as your next president, I give you my SOLEMN VOW that that will NEVER HAPPEN under my administration!

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