Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Engagement is Weird...

Calling someone your "fiance" is really strange. I don't want to turn BOTS into a venue for my complaints about engagement woes, but it may very well happen. People are sooooo weird.

Here's a scene from work when I first came in with the ring (remember, I'm at a new job now so I don't know these people very well).

Boss Man: Is that a new bauble? (he really said bauble too)
Kat: Yes.
Boss Man: Am I to understand that it's an engagement ring?
Kat: Yes.
Annoying Female Snoopy Co-Worker: OH MY GAWD! You got engaged and you didn't tell anyone???
Kat: Um, well, I didn't want to run in and scream, "I'm engaged everyone!"
Boss Man: Hmmmm....so, you'll need vacation time for a honeymoon. And then come the babies....
Then he walked away muttering.

I think I'm in for quite a ride kids! And we haven't even picked a date yet!

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