Friday, December 9, 2011

I love my mother more than you

I read an interesting excerpt these days, which besides being stirred me laugh, made me a bit thoughtful. And perhaps, after you read it and you will feel that a brief introspection, is welcome.
I want to be my wife. But for this there are some conditions: I love my mother more than you. That you may 

vday Căsătorit și totuși singur

understand, if you think you know earlier than you know.
If there is a problem and must take a decision, of course I will consult my father. You are still young and inexperienced, while my father is older and very wise. He leads a company they want to have a future too, so you can understand how I feel.
I will keep the room in his parents' house. The nine brothers of mine is a lot to me and I'm sure you do not mind I'll spend my time with them. I hope you will not mind that you leave alone.
You have to understand that what is mine, only mine. You will need to sign a document stating that you have no claim in respect of goods and money which I belong. I'm sure an intelligent woman like you will find a job in which to support themselves.
I can not stand weakness, tears or sorrow, so do not expect from me attention and compassion. I have to sleep and not want to be bothered by other troubles. You will bear the burdens and keep you head up.
I want to be my wife, and therefore, you are responsible for our children, to feed the family, so I can pay attention to my family and my business assets.
You are a nice woman and I'm sure we can feel good together. How about, say YES? If so, I go to mom to ask if it is good. And if you have the wedding, your family will have to bear all costs! (Arthur L. Bietz)
Perhaps you smile and laugh flooded the children. Like you and I felt good price minutes, until the smile faded and his thoughts began to grow. Did not do us when it comes to other people? Are not we always claim that nothing, absolutely NOTHING of what we have or we are, do not change, but all have them wholesale at any time of day or night, just as a bonus, we want friends good, reliable, a spouse even without being willing to give up even as a mustard seed from our ego? We and our everything is holy, and no one is allowed to encroach on our property. Only that would be great if we have the benefit of bonuses (friends, boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife), you get free bonuses, which normally do not have too be willing to give anything in return.
Lesson giving itself the unconditional gift is among the most difficult lessons that need to learn in life you want to go well. Otherwise, you will be surrounded by friends, you will (for a short time, probably) a boyfriend or girlfriend, maybe even a husband or wife, but you never really feel the presence of these people in your life. You will be with her, yet alone! And that just because selfishness is a good friend of loneliness and always come to pack!

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