Monday, November 28, 2011

engagement ring settings diamond engagement rings, In order to choose the right engagement ring with a diamond you need to know what styles of unique engagement rings are. Design ideas are very different and in each case the designer engagement rings will try to fulfill your wishes. But for example, we'll tell you about a few varieties of engagement ring settings with diamond  
  • Engagement rings with the gear mount 
Such a custom engagement rings - the most common type of rings. Especially for women with large diamond rings. In these models focus on precious stones. In this case, the diamond is placed on the upper side of the ring and secured with three metal prongs. The main thing in such a ring, the stone was firmly fixed on it and at the same time the light from all sides could get a diamond, enhancing brilliance of the stone. But here's the paradox! If diamonds are used for fixing a lot of metal and stone keeps better, he begins to shine less ... and this is not the same effect.
  • Paving engagement rings
This method of mounting precious stones used when the diamond are placed in special wedge-shaped holes and secured almost flush with the surface of the engagement rings. Then a number of frames the metal is installed above the surface of the ring in the form of beads or droplets. That they hold the stones in place. Sometimes these blotches of metal around gems have only decorative value. 
  • Wedding rings with discreet basis
This kind of rings in which diamonds are very close to each other, while the metal base of the ring passes beneath them. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings,  This technique gives the impression that the surface of the ring consists of nothing but precious stones. 
  • Peer engagement rings
If you obliged, in connection with the profession, lots of work with his hands, then a tick ringlet is for you. After all, here is the arrangement of stones, which securely stores diamond. Diamond are immersed in the frame to one or some of the same level with the surface of the ring for makeityourring diamond engagement rings. It can be seen only a few upper bounds diamond.
  • Wedding rings with precious stones mounted nesting
In this case, the metal base of the classic engagement ring is almost entirely framed by a diamond and thus holds it in place. These rings are, by far one of the most popular. The metal base can be partially or completely surround a gem. As a rule, under this form, you can choose your favorite color engagement rings sets, which is framed to your diamond. Makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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